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Real Estate Recession Book Offer

My name is Steve Daria.  I am a real estate broker in Florida…

My sister and I started our real estate firm, Maxim Realtors, in 2006.  I know.  Definitely not the best time as the real estate recession was upon us.

We struggled during this time.  And for a certain amount of time, to ensure our businesses success, I liquidated everything and moved into my office.

During this time, we had to get lean, pivot and adapt.

It didn’t take too long before thriving in this market with BPO’s, Listing Short Sales, Listing REO Foreclosures and handling thousands of properties through our Rental Property Management division.

In this book, I teach you step by step how to build your real estate business in those 4 categories.

Why Rental Property Management

What’s better than creating residual income from other people’s properties?  This sector of our real estate business has provided us hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every year.

In this sector, I teach you how to build a rental property management company, create residual income from it, capitalize from it in creating commission sales all while assisting investors in growing their portfolios.

Why Short Sales

Look.  People fall on hard times all the time.  And if they are upside down and are unable to sell their property without coming to the table with a check, then they may face a foreclosure.  

Short sales are prevalent in any real estate market.  However, looking at 2021 and over the next decade, I believe short sales will be a driving factor in distressed sales.

I have listed and sold over 350 short sales and been part of hundreds more in negotiations and processing.  

There is a way to process short sales and also to market to those who are in distressed situations.  If you help someone avoid foreclosure, they will be your biggest cheerleader in driving even more business to you (forever).  

Why Foreclosures

Learning how to list REO Foreclosures is an incredible niche.  Think about it.  You can get “one client” that could provide you dozens or even hundreds of distressed assets to list.

In this sector, we cover how to market to banks and asset managers, how to separate yourself from the competition, how to build a team and capitalize in listing REO’s.

Why BPO’s

BPO’s work hand in hand with REO’s.  BPO stands for Broker Price Opinion.  BPO’s can provide you and your team with residual income. 

Providing BPO service can also get you a foot in the door for listing REO Foreclosures.  In this video, I bring you through how to sign up with BPO companies, how to find them, how to complete a Broker Price Opinion and much more….

This BOOK also includes a 12 VIDEO course by the author, Steve Daria, covering FOCUS, Failure, Distractions, Vision, Goals, Financial Foundation & MORE!