AVOID Being Left Behind In The Next Real Estate Crash!


Learn How To List Foreclosures & Short Sales, BPO's Assignments and create a Predictable Business with Property Management

This is going to be Action Packed with information and you will NOT WANT TO MISS IT.

We Are Always In A Market Cycle.  Where Do You Think We Are Now?  The Market WILL CRASH.  The two questions are...  When and Will YOU Be Left Behind When It Does?

Hosted by Steve Daria.  A Florida REALTOR since 2003 and Broker / Owner Since 2006.  









Learn How To

List Foreclosures!!  And Get BPO Assignments.

Learn How To

List, Sell & Process Short Sale Properties Helping People Avoid Foreclosure.

Learn How To

Build A Rental Property Management Division.

Why These 4 Niche Markets?

In the last real estate recession we had to adapt and pivot FAST!! If not, we would have been like many other real estate agents & entire brokerages who went out of business. We know. We Lived It!

There is a lot of uncertainty in the real estate market.  AND having been through the last real estate recession, I believe the writing is on the walls.


I believe the real estate agents who are educating themselves on these 4 niche markets will not only survive but ultimately will thrive in the new market to come.


The last real estate recession was scary to say the least.  But it doesn't have to be for you.  We concentrated on listing REO properties, doing BPO assignments, Saving people from Foreclosure by Performing Short Sales and Building our Property Management Division (And we made a ton of sales from landlords & tenants).  


In a few short years, we made so much money in commissions, that my sister and I both become financially free with NO DEBT.  


Our lives completely changed.  But we FOCUSED and became experts in these 4 fields.  


In this webinar, I will teach you exactly what we did...  So...  Honestly, what do you have to lose?  25-30 minutes of your time?  That could change your business and your life?


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